Clinic Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How old do you have to be to participate?

There is no specific age however the Clinic is geared toward high school-aged sailors.  Most participants will be between the ages of 15-18.

  • I'm a beginner racer, is this clinic for me?

Sailors accepted to the clinic are typically competing in national level regattas (Midwinters, Orange Bowl, Class Nationals, Class North Americans, CORK, etc) and placing in the top half.  Sailors should be comfortable handling their boat in winds over 15kts.

  • I don't have a partner, will you pair me up?

CISA does not pair up sailors.  The clinic is geared toward teams training for summer regattas.  If you need a skipper/crew try reaching out to sailing directors in your area and see if other kids are looking for partners.

  • I need to miss a day for school/family/travel/etc., is that ok?

Sailors need to be able to participate in all 4 days, and we recommend that you are there between 12-5 the day before to set up your boat and make sure it is ready to go.  Sailors unable to participate in all 4 days will need to forfeit their spot to someone who can.

  • What should I pack?

Sailing Gear - The water can be cool in April so pack layers.  You can put a gear bag in the coach boat during the day.  A drysuit might be overkill but a wetsuit is a common piece of equipment out here.  Spray top and pants, gloves, hat/, neck gaiter, sunglasses, etc. 

Shore gear - It can be cold in the evenings, especially if the wind is up or the marine layer rolls in.  Sweats, a jacket, and beanie are nice to have.  Sailors will be expected to work out so they should pack clothes they are comfortable working out in (imagine running, sit ups, stretches, etc.)  A towel is good for showering at the yacht club after sailing and before dinner.

Miscellaneous - Notepad/pen, your coaches expect you to take notes on what they are telling you.  It's great to have one of those small waterproof notebooks to fit into your life jacket.  Refillable water bottle, power/granola bars, sports drinks, whatever you want on the water as a snack.  Your host provides breakfast, CISA provides lunch, and after sailing snack, and dinner but if you need more during the day bring it.

Boat gear - If you are bringing your own boat this should be self-explanatory, if you are chartering but own the same boat at home bring your own control lines, sails, know your settings so you can transfer them over.  A toolkit, spares, METRIC tape measure, ditty bag of spares and tape for the water, etc.  This is a great time to talk to your local sailors about what they pack.

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